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Welcome to the home of the most delightful baby gifts!
Adorable baby clothes, softest baby blankets, the cuddliest baby friends! 

"Feeling is believing" on Cricket Island, so the softest fabrics, furs and materials that can be found are delivered specially to this baby gift line. 

Look for playful appliques of our Bunnies By The Bay baby characters and embroidery of witty words to appear here and there. All together, this combination makes for truly endearing and unique baby gifts.

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Bunnies by the Bay - Goodness Gracious
Bunnies by the Bay - Bugs are Vegetables Too!

In certain sects of Christianity, children are initiated into religious life through infant baptism. The term Baptism from the Greek "Baptizein" means "to immerse". It is the universal rite of initiation in the Christian church, performed with water, either in the name of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) or Christ. It involves either a ritual immersion or water being poured over the infant's head.

Christening gowns are traditionally worn by both boys and girls, although boys are being blessed in suit or romper style christening outfits more and more. White is generally preferred for the gowns or outfits to symbolize purity and youth.  

We carry a limited, heirloom selection of gowns for your special occasion.  Please visit our store to view our current collection.

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Heirloom Christening Gown - LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND
Heirloom Christening Gown - LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND

It started on a sleepless night. Two good friends, Linda and Heather, were sharing "sleepless-night stories" after another night awake with their young daughters.  Both babies were waking up many times during the night, kicking off their covers and getting cold. If the covers would just stay in place.

Working in conjunction with local pediatricians and sleep specialists, Cloud b was born. Cloud b began work with an advisory board of specialists to develop the LullaBag, and innovative products have been introduced ever since.

As the Baby Sleep Specialists, The Cloud b mission is simple—to thoughtfully design and develop useful products that help babies sleep better, and simplify parents’ lives.

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Cloud b Lullabye Bag
Cloud b Gift Cradle

The Gordonsbury Company is renowned for its exquisite hand-embroidered bed linens, crib bumpers, quilts, layettes and other accessories. 

Quality and attention to detail are paramount, and each hand-embroidered item is skillfully crafted with the greatest care and dedication. The designs are wonderful addition to a nursery or a child’s bedroom.

All of the hand-embroidered products are created out of pure cotton or linen. Thread colors are carefully chosen to create harmony, and to interpret and give life to each motif and theme, whether of ladybugs, bees, flowers or of animals one might see on an African safari. Classic or contemporary designs complement each other.

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Gordonsbury Layette
Gordonsbury Little Barn Bedding
Gordonsbury Baby Rosebuds Accessories

Started in 1893 in France with the introduction of "petit" underpants, this company has continued to produce high quality, innovative clothing for children. 

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Petit Bateau Baby
Kissy, Kissy Premiere
Make sure your baby is bundled in the softest, most adorable clothing available.  Fall in love with Bunnies by the Bay, Cloud b, The Gordonsbury Company, Little Giraffe and Petit Bateau.

For those special occassions we also carry a limited selection of heirloom Christening gownsPlease call us at: 408-395-1980 or email for pricing and availability. 

Soft plush fabrics,
    they are so fine,
Machine wash and dry this entire line,
    Eclectic and chic,
Little Giraffe is in style,
    It brings your baby a warm happy smile!

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Little Giraffe Chenille Set
Little Giraffe Eclectic Travel Blanky
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