Comforter & Pillows
Comforters and Pillows by 7th Heaven
Faux Fur Throws by Second Impressions
Throws by Giraffe at Home, by Little Giraffe
Throws by Textillery Weavers
SFERRA Blankets, St Moritz
Curled up in a chair, reading a book, the fire crackling and you - snuggled under a throw, your head propped up just right. 

Embrace our comforter and pillows by 7th Heaven, caress our throws by Textillery Weavers, SFERRA and Giraffe at Home...and we're sure you'll agree - reading a book by the fire just got a whole lot more luxurious!

Please call us at: 408-395-1980 or email for pricing and availability. 

A dedicated search for the finest raw materials, meticulous design and unsurpassed workmanship have come together to provide you the highest quality comforters and pillows.  They give new meaning to the words "soft as a cloud."

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Established in 1976, Textillery Weavers is a leading producer of hand woven throws, pillows and decorative accessories in the United States.  Textillery's commitment to hand-crafted quality and an eye to the newest trends in fashion makes the company a unique resource in the marketplace. 

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Cashmere.  The mere word connotes luxury, and with good reason. Gossamer light, yet highly insulating, cashmere is incredibly, sensually soft. The finest cashmere from Nepal is woven into soft, sophisticated hues and classic patterns or plaids, and finished with hand-knotted fringe.

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Soft as silk, satiny, delicate - yet completely machine washable.  Can something so sumptuous, so sensuous be so practical?  It can and is - these throws are worthy of every adjective and more!

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