Stuffed Toys & Gifts
We carry special gifts for that special baby.  Lovable stuffed animals from Cloud b, Hansa Toy and North American Bear
Charming party hats by Party Hats, picture frames and letters by Smile for the Birdie.  And for the very special baby the gift of Sterling

Please call us at: 408-395-1980 or email for pricing and availability. 
Plush stuffed animals by Cloud b and North American Bear
Cloud b Gifts and Blankets
Cloud b Sleep Sheep

As the Baby Sleep Specialists, The Cloud b mission is simple—to thoughtfully design and develop useful products that help babies sleep better, and simplify parents’ lives.

These Loveable Sleep Sheep & Friends will help bring
tranquility and comfort to you and your precious ones.
Each of the Friends calm a different sense, to help your
whole family get a better night's sleep.

Cloud b blankets are uniquely designed to compliment your lifestyle. Our colors, fabrics and sizes are specifically chosen to offer each member of your family the perfect blanket to snuggle with for the evening.

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Noted for high quality plush toys that often combine unusual colors, fabrics, patterns and textures, North American Bear Co., Inc. has entertained children, kid-at-heart adults and serious bear collectors for nearly three decades.

Each toy is carefully created from the best materials and with safety in mind.

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North American Bear Baby

Birthdays are for celebrating!  Today is their day - cap it off with a special hat to commemorate occasion. 

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Party Hats, Letters by Smile for the Birdie
Sterling baby cups and rattles

To give a silver spoon (and later the silver rattle or cup) at birth has come to symbolize great fortune.  This tradition stems from the English and some continental societies who placed a great emphasis on births.  The occasion was often marked with parties and gatherings. 

We carry a wide selection of spoons, cups and rattles available for engraving at your local jeweler.

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Hansa is known and respected for it’s close to Nature reproductions of the world’s best loved animals.  Much research goes into producing this nature series. Start collecting these finely crafted pieces and help educate our children to appreciate and understand the importance of     co-existence with the wondrous animal world.

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Hansa Toy - Giraffe
Smile for the Birdie picture frame
Smile for the Birdie picture frame

Handmade, handpainted, handcarved.  Smile for the Birdie delights one and all with their whimsical letters (shown in the picture above) and picture frames.  

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