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Our selection of soaps and body lotions share a timeless elegance which represent a rich history while acknowledging the contemporary taste for exclusive style.  We proudly carry Baudelaire Soaps, Bonny Doon Farm, Elizabeth W, Gianna Rose Atelier, Lady Primrose and Rance 1795.  

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Baudelaire Soaps and Body Care specializes in distinctive, handcrafted imported soaps: including natural soaps, french milled soaps, and olive oil soaps as well as authentic bath and beauty products for men and women 

We carry there bestselling collections including Provence Santé, a comprehensive line from France, as well as Apiana (honey soap) and big bath bars.

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Lady Primrose Bath Salts, Body Talc, Lotions and more!
Baudelaire Apiana (Honey) Soap
Baudelaire Big Bar Soap
Baudelaire Provence Body Lotion

Nestled in the Santa Cruz, California mountains is a very unique farm dedicated to gently maintaining the land while producing the very finest of English Lavender and other botanicals from around the world.  The result of their efforts is a unique collection of  soaps, lotions, oils, bath salts and more. 

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Bonny Doon Essential Oils, Lotions and Soaps

This is the story of an architect who turned perfumer.  Inspired by his Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Wightman, Albert knew how to design a building and went about constructing fragrances that follow similar lines. 

ElizabethW collection are clean, simple, sophisticated, elegant, and totally original. They reflect an emphasis on quality and beauty...valuable lessons passed down through the generations. 

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Gianna Rose Atelier is the leader in the design and manufacture of fine soap and personal care gifts and accessories - products, fragrances, and packaging that have forged a new dimension in the luxury soap category. Gianna Rose soaps are 100% vegetable-based, and triple-milled to be longer-lasting and creamier.

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Creating luxurious experiences comes naturally at Lady Primrose's Royal Bathing and Skin Luxuries.  Born into the finest of traditions and surroundings.  The Lanesborough, London's finest hotel, commissioned Lady Primrose's to create exceptional bathing luxuries for their distinguished clientele. They soon became so popular among guests that requests to purchase products came flooding in. 

We carry the most popular and enduring scents including TRYST, ROYAL EXTRACT, NECTOR, AMBIENCE and PROVENCAL. 

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Lady Primrose Royal Bathing and Skin Luxuries
RANCE 1795

Since 1795, the Rancé family has dedicated itself to the development of the finest bath and body products, which historically were favored by Napoleon.

Rancé’s triple milled hand made soaps, enriched with natural extracts and cosmetic oils are pure and neutral, thus suitable for even the most sensitive and delicate skin types. The lengthy maturing period strengthens the properties of these beauty soaps while the rich and soft lather gently caresses and cleanses the skin.

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Elizabeth W soaps, room fragrance, sachets
Gianna Rose Atelier Soaps
Rance 1795 Soap Collection
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